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Guidelines for Range Officers


Saturday and Sunday

Morning:  8:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Afternoon:  12:30 PM to 5:00 PM


  1. Please stay the entire time. Leave the range gate open during your shift.

  2. Never have someone else other than another Range Officer lock up for you.

  3. Never loan your key to someone other than another Range Officer. Please open the range regardless of weather conditions (except dangerous conditions).

  4. Always check the power lines for damage at the start and end of each day and report any damage or misuse of the range to a club officer or board member.

  5. Pick up the green folder from the clubhouse. This contains a range log, membership forms, schedules of organized shooting, and range rules.

  • At the top of the page enter the date, AM or PM, and your name. Have users of the range write their name below yours.

  • New membership forms must be filled out by every paying member. You need to print your name and range master on the “issued by” line. Give the person the white copy of of the form.The yellow copy goes with the payment for the club records. Fill out the Membership card stating what membership option they want. For 2018, they have the option of a combined membership with Brookings Gun Club. 

  • Give each new member a schedule of organized events.

  • Give each new member a copy of the range rules.

  1. Shooting from 200 yards should only be allowed if it does not interfere with other shooting. No 300 yard shooting.

  2. Silhouettes will be available during scheduled shooting events only.

  3. While acting as Range Officer you may shoot if the range is not overly busy.

If you cannot work your shift try to swap with another range officer ASAP or contact Chuck Vollan ( or Rick Van Sambeek. Last minute changes may not be possible, so plan ahead unless you miss because of an emergency.